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Thermal Cameras for Electrical & Mechanical Applications

Use FLIR for reliable, non-contact testing. Scan, visualize and analyze temperatures of mechanical equipment and electrical systems quickly and accurately. And join the growing group of users around the world benefitting from the cost-savings that a solid thermography program can provide.

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Introducing the NEW FLIR Models E4, E5, E6, and E8 Infrared Cameras with MSX®

FLIR Ex4, Ex5, Ex6 and Ex8 Infrared cameras Now you can afford the ultimate inspection tool. Gain the competitive advantage and take care of more customers. Blow them away with dramatic MSX thermal images that clearly reveal problems from sources of energy loss, moisture intrusion and structural issues to overheating electrical and mechanical equipment.

Features and Specifications

"12 Things to Know Before Buying an InfraredCamera" an ultimate Infrared Camera Buying Guide. 

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FLIR E40, E50 and E60 Infrared Cameras The fast and powerful new FLIR E-Series is revolutionizing the way compact, professional thermal cameras capture, analyze and share images and data. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity.

Large Landscape Touchscreen Brighter than other brands, the FLIR E-Series and FLIR E-Series bx touchscreen provides an intuitive interface that takes full advantage of the entire 3.5" display with no image cropping.
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  T series

FLIR T420 and T440 Infrared Cameras Flexible FLIR T-Series high-performance cameras feature superior thermal resolution and an ergonomic rotating optical block that helps you capture shots from tough angles comfortably, and now include Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices.

FLIR T620 and T640 Infrared Cameras The innovative FLIR T620 and FLIR T640 add a new level of high performance thermal imaging with 640 × 480 resolution for greater image detail and accuracy, a 4.3 touchscreen, Wi-Fi mobile device connectivity, and more.

Features and Specifications

  T1K Infrared camera

FLIR T1K - Infrared Camera. Get ready for outstanding thermal infrared performance, built on 50 years of experience. With its remarkable range, up to 3.1 MP in resolution, and customization to fit your needs, the T1K is designed to be the ultimate tool to streamline your workday, and make you the hero. For the sharpest images, the truest temperatures, the most flexibility the T1K is the ultimate result of five decades of infrared expertise.


  • High Definition thermal imagery, to help you see more
  • Up to 3.1 MP resolution with UltraMaxTM
  • Pin-point accurate temperature measurements
  • Continuous autofocus for greater efficiency
  • Take longer range measurements, from 2x farther away
  • Thermal sensitivity that's 2.5x better than industry standard
  • Never miss a hot spot – record continuous radiometric video
  • Customized functionality to fit your expert needs

Features and Specifications

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Eliminate the need for opening electrical enclosures and protect yourself from the threat of arc flash injuries with new FLIR IR Windows. With added safety between you and energized equipment, you'll save time and get more thermal and visual inspections done with greater confidence. FLIR IR Windows Brochure.



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Only FLIR – the world's leading manufacturer of thermal cameras – can cover their products like this! 2-5-10 Warranty From FLIR

FLIR warranty

Now many of FLIR's handheld cameras are covered by our revolutionary 2-5-10 Warranty when registered before the deadline (see PDF for details).

  • 2 Years parts and labor coverage on the camera!
  • 5 Years coverage on the battery!
  • 10 Years coverage on the detector – the most vital part of the whole camera!

Only FLIR can cover cameras like this, because only FLIR makes all of the camera's critical components from the ground up.

And only FLIR can give you peace of mind with a 2-5-10 warranty!

Learn more about how you can take advantage of this special offer: 2-5-10 Warranty from FLIR Register your FLIR infrared camera for the 2-5-10 Warranty now at the FLIR Customer Support Center.

Which camera is right for you ?

Whether you're new to infrared inspections or already a Level I Thermographer, a variety of important factors will figure into your thermal camera decision:
  • How often you use the camera,
  • what you're inspecting,
  • the angles you're shooting from,
  • target size,
  • high temperatures,
  • distance and other considerations.

    To Speak with an Applications Expert: 801-393-6050. Infrared Systems has been a FLIR Systems representative and distributor for the past 18 years. We specialize In thermal imaging only and all our representatives are Level II Certified. We provide on-site demonstrations, training and support for as long as you own your FLIR camera.
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